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Give Kids a Smile Day

On Friday, February 6, our hygienist Holly Rucker participated in the Raleigh Give Kids a Smile event. Holly volunteered to provide screenings, treatments, and education to children from our local area. Give Kids a Smile is a not-for-profit program that provides underserved children with free, comprehensive dental care in an effort to eliminate the silent epidemic of dental disease in children.




Office manager Claudia LaSmith earns AADOM Fellowship

Bell Family Dentistry is proud to celebrate its office manager Claudia LaSmith earning an American Association of Dental Office Managers fellowship. Claudia was granted her degree on September 6 at the AADOM conference in San Diego. Claudia completed extensive courses and exams, placing her in an elite class of office managers nationwide. We are proud to have her extensive education and background to best serve our patients.

Office manager Claudia LaSmith earns AADMON fellowship

Claudia LaSmith earns AADOM fellowship

Holly Discusses Dental Anxiety

Our very own Holly Rucker talks to Sharon Delaney of My Carolina Today about dental anxiety… something many people have!

Drink Brewed Tea to Avoid Tooth Erosion

More Erosive than Battery Acid

You may want to reconsider reaching for a soft drink or sugar-laden fruit drink the next time you’re in the mood for a beverage. Other than the high caloric content of such drinks, these drinks can have a profoundly damaging effect on your tooth enamel. The culprits – citric acid and sugar. The average soft drink currently contains approximately 17 grams of sugar. That’s a tad more sugar than is found in 4 sugar cubes! Yuck. read more…

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7 Tips For Preventing Bad Breath

Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath, or Halitosis as it’s formally known, stems from a variety of common sources. read more…

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