Many of you will be missing your regular dental cleanings while dental offices are shut down for an unknown amount of time during this pandemic. Now it is more critical than ever to practice good dental hygiene!

Limit sugary snacks and sodas. Enamel can start to demineralize at a pH of less than 5.5, so if you are going to drink a soda, drink it and be done with it, then let your saliva or water get your oral pH back to neutral.

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, making sure the nightly cleaning is very thorough. Floss with string, floss picks, and/or a waterpik at night.

If you ever remember your dental hygienist saying something about “tartar buildup” or “bleeding” during your prophy appointments, you really need to step up your game during this time! Typical areas of tartar buildup (plaque that has crystallized/hardened onto your tooth/root) are the tongue-side of your lower front teeth and the cheek-side of your upper molars. You could try dry brushing those areas first. Make sure you are not only brushing the occlusal (chewing) surfaces of your teeth, but also the facial (cheek/lip) and lingual (tongue) surfaces, angling the brush toward the gumline. Soft plaque can easily stick at the gumline area if you are not putting those bristles there (so ideally brush at a 45 degree angle). Also, plaque can easily form between teeth if you are not flossing.

Bonus points if you brush or scrape your tongue and use an oral rinse/gargle to clean your tonsillar area 🙂

Happy Hygiene! We hope to see you soon.