We value the trust you have placed in us by being a patient at Bell Family Dentistry. To maintain the highest standard of safety for you we have:

*Questionnaire screenings and temperature checks for all patients and staff daily

*Masks required by all staff members and patients when not receiving dental treatment

*Additional purifier and HVAC filtration system to sanitize air and filter pollutants and viruses

*Patients spaced out to minimize contact

*Additional sterlization techniques, including hourly disinfection of all surfaces and common areas with cavacide and hypocholrous acid disinfectant (both proven to kill Covid-10 virus)

*Pre-procedural rinse (peroxyl), which decreases bacterial and virus levels during dental procedures

*Hypochlorous acid and UV light to treatment areas between procedures

*Isolite Mouthpiece to further enhance our safety protocols in place to reduce aerosols that may contain bacteria